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GIANT of Monterosso al Mare (carved into the rock of Villa Pastine) Monterosso al Mare is a tiny little fishing village of Liguria that is drawing rapidly to stardom. Ignored by the rest of the world until a few miles all'ingiro, it was still not long ago, a peaceful and safe haven where the city animal could return to the state of primitive man. It was enough to get there with a swimsuit un'accapatoio and pajamas to wear in the hours of the walk. The civilization was a few steps beyond the tip of Mesco beyond which some bold navigators had discovered from afar a town called Levanto was to be a colony of Gaul. There were no roads to get there from other countries than that of the sea and the railway but it did not stop there that trains-omnibus and there never anyone down. In recent days also the prose of a poet, Grabriele d'Annunzio, celebrated in his itinerary bacchico the Cinque Terre, where you tap that proud sciacchetrà that the lively Dr. Barth was wrong not to know. Finally, the art has made the work of civilization. Monterosso now has a statue of which had not as yet in Italy, beside which the Vittorio Emanuele of the future Roman monument would become a pygmy: GIANT Villa Pastine. The lawyer Giovanni Pastine, a rich gentleman of Monterosso, began to build a lovely villa on the hillside, ending in Punta Mesco and had the brilliant idea of ​​building on the end of the spur overlooking the sea a caryatid-shaped terrace supported by Giant. The task was given to the Ferrarese sculptor Arrigo Minerbi helped by Engineer Levacher. Guelfo Civinini (from a period original article)


A Cà Du Gigante
Via IV Novembre 9/11
19016 Monterosso al Mare
Province of La Spezia


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